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p-wrco-1As I run for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin, I’m committed to making this a real ‘grassroots’ campaign by doing as many personal visits throughout Wisconsin as possible. Here’s how you can help. If your organization accepts visits from political candidates, I would certainly welcome an invitation to join you at an upcoming meeting. I prefer meetings because we have more time to get to know each other but attending events like fairs, community celebrations, parades, etc. is just as important. If it is possible to do two or more events in an area that would be very helpful. I would also appreciate your help with a personal introduction to the local media reps and arranging an appointment for an interview if their schedule permits.

As always, I’m open to suggestions and welcome any opportunity to meet with folks from your area and to have a conversation with them.

Thanks for your help as we ‘re-write the rules for Wisconsin’s future’.

James Schneider

Here are some things to consider before you fill out the form below:

For a Meeting:

  1. Try to schedule 15 – 20 minutes. (About 10 minutes for candidate remarks with the remainder for questions and answers.)
  2. What else will happen at your meeting/program?
  3. Will other candidates be involved? (We welcome opportunities for forums or debates.)
  4. Will the media be covering this? If not, can we arrange for an interview before or after the meeting? (James can also do phone interviews to help promote your meeting if that would be helpful.)

For an Event:

  1. Describe the event.
  2. Are we required to register?
  3. What would be the best time for James to be in attendance?
  4. Is there any way James can actually participate. He’s been a service club member for years and he’ll gladly take a 2-3 hour shift at a food stand or fundraising supper.
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